Timely Septic Tank Service In Des Moines, Iowa Prevents A Sewer Backup

It’s important for homeowners to understand how important it is to have routine Septic Tank Service in Des Moines, Iowa. It keeps the pipes flowing and the homeowners can ask the contractor from Business Name any questions they have about maintenance. Just a few days ago, septic contractors across the United States warned homeowners that many of those designer wipes that have become so popular can harm a septic system. Their label says that they are biodegradable and safe for septic system. However they don’t break down fast enough and they can clog pipes leading into and out of the septic tank. Contractors know this because they are the guys pulling them out of pipes.

All of the wastewater pipes in the house flow into the septic tank. This includes the toilets, shower, sinks, and clothes washer. Once it reaches the tank, bacteria start to digest it. Eventually the solids and sludge float to the bottom and the liquid rises to the top. When it gets high enough, the water flows out pipes into the leaching field. The pipes have small holes so that the water gradually seeps into the ground. The gravel and soil then continue to filter out the waste.

Septic Pumping in Des Moines, Iowa is necessary to pump out the sludge and solids. If a homeowner fails to have the septic system pumped out at the appropriate intervals, the solids can get too high in the septic system. When they reach the exit pipe that leads to the leaching field, the solids attempt to use it. The solids will eventually clog the pipe. This means that the water that should be exiting through the pipe can’t. That will lead to wastewater backing up into the toilet, showers and sinks. Business Name can pump the tank to relieve the backup.

However these Septic Tank Service in Des Moines, Iowa professionals will have to excavate the leaching field pipes and replace them. These pipes are usually two to three feet below the surface, so it’s a costly and time-consuming repair. Whether it’s sludge or wipes proper usage and maintenance could probably have prevented it.