Time for a New Residential Roof? Choose the Company Carefully

It’s time for a new roof. How will you go about finding the right residential roofing company for the job? Preparing a list of questions and listening closely to the answers will make it a relatively easy task. Here are examples of the kind of information that you want to collect before getting around to asking for a quote.

Start with Information About Licensing and Insurance

The first order of business is to make sure the company has all the necessary licensing and permits to do business in your area. Once you establish that those credentials are in place, find out what sort of insurance the company carries on all types of jobs. Make sure that liability coverage is part of the package. If someone is injured while working on the roof or damage occurs due to the actions of a crew member, there will be no doubt about how those expenses will be settled.

Be on the Lookout for Manufacturer Designations

You’ll find that a residential roofing company of quality has endorsements and designations from some of the major roofing manufacturers. This lets you know they are trained in how to install those materials properly. For example, if you’re opting for a metal roof and you see designations from a metal roof manufacturer, you know the roofing company has the expertise needed for the job.

Get References, and Follow Up with Them

A professional residential roofing company always provides references. While it’s fine to do research online and read reviews, it never hurts to talk with a few past customers and find out what they have to say. Their comments will either confirm that you’ve found the right company or make it clear that you need to keep looking.

You only want the best roofing company for your home. Call Carroll Sons Inc, today and that’s exactly what you will get. Our team has experience with all type of residential roofing. If you’re not sure what sort of materials, colors, or other elements work best for your house, rest assured we can come up with suggestions that will serve you well for many years.

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