Three Tips to Extend the Life of Heating Systems And Equipment

A home HVAC system is a significant investment, and homeowners should take steps to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Air conditioning systems are meant to provide years of service, and many are replaced only when a homeowner wants modern features or greater efficiency. If extending the life of Heating Systems And Equipment is important, consider the three easy to follow tips below.

Appropriately Size the Unit

The key to an HVAC system’s long life starts before installation, when the homeowner and contractor decide on unit size. A system that is too large will cycle on and off too rapidly, while a too-large system will not be able to keep large homes cool. Premature wear is a concern in either case, but homeowners can prevent it by asking the contractor to use Manuals D, J and S to determine the unit’s proper size.

Regularly Change the Filter

Filter changes are the most critical thing a homeowner can do to preserve the lifespan of a unit. Clean filters keep particulate matter out of the unit better than dirty ones, and they help systems to run efficiently. High quality, dense filters capture particles smaller than normal, which may be re-circulated into the indoor air.

Have Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Homeowners can’t turn on the HVAC system every year, run it for months on end, and expect indefinite operation. These systems have many moving parts, and like all other machines, these parts will eventually fail. It’s best to catch small problems before they become too large to handle. Yearly HVAC inspections should include evaluation of the thermostat, controls, electrical wiring and blower. For furnaces, the tech should assess the heat exchanger and burners. For AC-only units, techs should evaluate the evaporator coils, condenser, refrigerant and compressor.

Home HVAC systems can provide decades of worry-free operation, as long as they are properly maintained. In most cases, the homeowner should have two inspections per year; one before summer, and one before colder weather arrives. For more tips on how to extend the life of Heating Systems And Equipment, contact the team at website today.

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