Three Tips For Picking A Vet In Monterey

by | Dec 15, 2011 | Animal Health

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Before deciding on a vet in Monterey, dog lovers should know where to begin. Choosing a vet seems simple but just like choosing a doctor many questions need to be asked. The first step is to ask around. The key is to ask people who have pets similar to one’s own and who view pets in the same way. The next consideration should be convenience. Having ten friends recommend a vet thirty miles from one’s house is probably not going to matter.  Lastly, one need to make sure the vet in Monterey and their fees are within budget.

References Are Key

The best way to find the inside scoop about any business is to ask around. Asking friends and coworkers, or even neighbors, about which vet they recommend is a good starting point. Turning to the internet is great for those new to town. Many sites are devoted to local reviews of all types of businesses and services – vets included. Monterey has many vets and narrowing down the list to a handful through recommendations is a great start.

Location And Availability

Once the list is whittled to a few contenders distance from a pet owner’s home should be the next criteria. A vet might be wonderful, have outstanding service and skills but if there is no possible way for the pet owner to get there during working hours it’s null and void. Sometimes there are exceptions to this rule. If a family needs a vet Monterey for monthly boarding while they visit family, they might look for a clinic on their way out of town.  Otherwise, finding a vet’s office near home is probably going to be a good choice.

Prices Do Matter

Most vets price their services competitively to keep clients. Those competitive rates are different, though, depending on the clientele and neighborhood.  A country vet will most likely charge much less for an annual exam then a vet clinic in an upscale urban neighborhood. Rather than foregoing the vet due to prices it’s best for pet owners to be honest about what they can afford and shop around until they find a vet who charges fees within their budget even if that means driving a little further.

Whether one is new to Monterey or just new to pet ownership finding a local vet is a daunting task. One can ease the anxiety by just approaching the search process systematically. First, ask around to friends and neighbors who have similar pets to see which vets they recommend. After narrowing down the search to a few vets the list can be shortened even further by considering location and cost of services. Hopefully, a reliable and skilled vet can be found for every pet owner without breaking the bank or requiring an hour’s drive. For every pet needing a vet, Monterey will surely have the answer.

If new to Monterey or just new to pet ownership and finding a vet Monterey can be overwhelming. Begin the search at

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