Three Signs That You Need a Plumber for Repairs of Water Heaters in Holland

by | May 22, 2014 | Plumbing and Plumbers

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There is nothing worse than going into your bathroom to take a shower in the morning only to find that the hot water heater is broken. This essentially means you’re left with nothing but cold water which can be uncomfortable, albeit eye-opening. There are ways, however, to prevent this from happening to you and the first option is to have a plumber inspect your water heaters in Holland to make sure that everything is up to par.

Years Without Repairs

When you purchased your home, unless the water heater installed was brand new, you will need to have it checked out. A plumbing professional should come out to your home and inspect the unit not only for current problems, but for potential issues that you might run into. Inspections prevent the surprise of high repair costs in the event that something is wrong with the system.

Moisture and Condensation

If you notice that there is a lot of moisture or condensation dripping around the base of your tank, this is one of the first signs that something is wrong and needs to be repaired. Another sign that there is a leak is if you notice significant increases on your utility bill or that you’re not receiving as much water as you used to. Since the tank needs to be completely sealed off to continue working properly, any cracks or leaks need to be reported right away. Allowing it to go on could result in replacement of the entire system, which could cost you thousands of dollars.

Strange Noises

When you turn on your sink or tub faucet, all you should hear is running water. However, if you notice strange sounds, it could be a serious indicator that the system is about to malfunction, causing a lot of damage and even costlier repairs. Hiring a plumber to evaluate the noises right away is your best option.

Prolonging your need for repairs is not only a very costly choice, but is also very unsafe. Potential hazards could result, should the unit malfunction causing injury to those near it. Have a plumbing professional come out at least once per year to inspect and maintain your Water Heaters in Tulsa OK. Click here to read more about water heater installations, repairs, and other plumbing services in your area.


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