Things to Know About Steel Fire Doors in South Jersey

Sprinkler systems and fire doors in South Jersey are two primary methods for putting out fires in a building and stopping the flames from spreading. Sprinkler systems are active methods of fire control, whereas fire doors are passive control devices.


Fire Doors in South Jersey have three purposes. They block flames from expanding into another part of a structure, thus keeping people safe and minimizing damage to the property. They also stop smoke from spreading, which can be crucial for preventing smoke inhalation by people in the building. Also, fire doors allow people to travel safely through the building to the outside.


Fire doors are seen so often in buildings that people hardly notice them or even wonder why those doors are there. They effectively separate hallways and large buildings into compartments. The doors are typically used as entry and exit points for staircases, exterior doors and long corridors.


The doors are generally heavy and made of metal, commonly with push bars for opening, although other openings and latching mechanisms are available. The doors are meant to be securely latched because otherwise, pressure from an explosive fire could push them open.


Often, the doors are kept propped open when that part of the building is being used by numerous people. Workers in a building can become irritated by having to continuously push open doors to staircases and the next part of the corridor. This makes moving through the structure more convenient, although fire safety experts frown on the practice.

Time Frame

Fire-rated doors can hold back flames and smoke for up to three hours, depending on the product. That’s a remarkable advantage over other doors, especially wood ones. Purchasing managers can buy wood fire doors to save money, but those doors typically block fire for less than 30 minutes. Steel is the only material recognized as providing three-hour protection. Manufacturers also offer less expensive steel fire doors rated as low as 90 minutes.

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