Things To Do in Jacksonville To Make Your Holiday A Memorable One

Are you planning for a romantic getaway with your girlfriend? Then, visiting Jacksonville should be on the top of your list. From unique and luxurious accommodations to fine dining and spas, you will get everything you need to make your girlfriend feel special. Apart from that, you can experience a lot of world-class adventure and sports in Jacksonville. From playing golf to birding, fishing, and many other outdoor activities, you are surely going to experience a memorable holiday in Jacksonville. These are the things to do in Jacksonville. However, when you are visiting the place you should not miss the famous Symphony Orchestra of Jacksonville. There’s a good news waiting for you. If you become a subscriber of the Symphony Orchestra then you can save up to 20% over the single ticket price. Sounds beneficial? There are many other benefits of becoming a subscriber. Let’s take a quick look at them:

  • Seating facilities: Subscribing in advance will help you get the best seats available at all the Symphony special events even before the authorities are selling the tickets to the general public.


  • Discounts on parking: Becoming a subscriber will help you save around $10 per concert on prepaid parking for the entire season. So, you don’t have to worry about excess parking fee.


  • Free ticket exchanges: Becoming a subscriber will help you get the opportunity to exchange your tickets for regular series of concerts without charging your anything. Perhaps you don’t want to sit in a particular row and want to move in front of the stage for better visibility, it can be done quite easily. However, the concert authority will be able to help you based on the availability of the seats. Moreover, exchange facility is not available for certain concerts. Contact them or visit their website to get the details.


  • Discounts on single tickets: If you become a seasonal subscriber, you can get great discounts and save up to $5 per ticket. However, here also the discount is not available on certain concerts. Visit their website to know more.


  • Restaurant discounts: This is one of the major benefits of becoming a subscriber of the Symphony. You will be able to enjoy great discounts on the finest restaurant’s of the place and take your partner with you.

There are many other benefits of becoming a subscriber of the Symphony in Jacksonville. In this city, these are some of the most entertaining things to do. Jacksonville is a city that will surely give you a memorable and romantic holiday with your partner.


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