Things to Consider Before Buying Tractor Wheels in Wisconsin

Farm equipment is built to last, but in order to be useful, even the best-constructed tractor needs to be able to get around the farm. When a tire goes flat, it leaves the equipment stranded and useless. Thankfully, there is an easy way to find and buy Tractor wheels in Wisconsin online. When purchasing online, it is important for farmers to ensure that they are purchasing the right tires to suit their needs.

Before purchasing new Tractor wheels in Wisconsin, it’s a good idea to consider what uses the tractor has around the farm. This can help to determine whether tread depth or traction is more important. R-1W tires offer a much greater area of usable tread depth than R-1s, for example, making them better suited to high-wear environments. R-2s, on the other hand, are designed specifically with wet conditions in mind. Even if the intent behind buying new tires is simply to replace an old one that has been damaged, it’s still a good idea to consider looking into better-designed modern alternatives.

With modern tractors running on much larger engines than their older counterparts, tire makers find avoiding compaction and slippage to be two very serious hurdles to creating the best possible tractor tire. Older wheels often just won’t cut it, particularly when tractors are driven at higher speeds. Thankfully, old wheels can often be retrofitted with new tires. Replacing old bias-ply tires with radial tires is one way to help avoid compaction, as radial tires have a substantially larger footprint. Unlike bias ply tires, radial tires are also constructed so that the tread area lengthens when the sidewall of the tire flexes, which can help to reduce the footprint for heavy loads as well.

Keep in mind that buying a cheaper tire may seem to save money in the short-term, but in the long run, it can lead to more difficult to address issues such as unwanted soil compaction or excessive wear. Often it’s worth the larger initial investment to end up with tires that are built to last and perfectly suited to the job at hand. Need new wheels for a tractor or other essential agricultural equipment? Visit Website Domain to browse a product catalog and place an order.