There’s No Heavy Lifting With Tongue Ring Barbells

For most people, the word “barbell” promotes thoughts about weight lifting exercises in a gym – either a single one in one hand or a pair of barbells held in either hand. Lots of grunting and sweating would normally be involved. Nothing involving your tongue and a ring comes to mind.

Body Piercing And Jewelry

For those of us who are into body piercing; this is usually only carried out so that you can affix pieces of jewelry or other decorative items to parts of your anatomy that are not really designed for the wearing of jewelry. Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes are easy to both picture and achieve – you simply slip them over the appendages. I cannot picture being able to keep it there (nor wanting to try) should I decide to slip a ring over my tongue.

Earrings are no longer predominately clamped onto ear lobes; it is more common today to pierce a hole through the ear lobe and insert a ring through it. But, that ring has air to hang down into. However, not everyone wanted all their ear decorations to be in ring form (despite still calling them earrings). A single pearl or diamond; even a gold ball – in fact any shape that should really be called a stud. But, how do you fix a stud in place using a hole pierced through the flesh?

If both sides of the hole are visible and there is space to either side; then, the same shape could be fitted to either end of a small rod like shaft that can pass through the hole and then be fixed in place by the studs on each end. If one side is restricted or not normally visible; then one end could have a flange on it similar to the head on a dressmaking pin.

Wait a minute; doesn’t such an arrangement look exactly like a miniature barbell? Of course it does; and people in the jewelry trade started to describe such stud fittings as barbells (even though wearers still commonly lump all designs together under the generalized term of “rings”).

All Parts Of The Human Anatomy

Piercing for jewelry purposes has now spread to almost any part of the body. Tongues are no exception; even though it would be uncomfortable to have a complete ring passing through your tongue. For this reason the barbell design is preferred for tongue rings – although; there are tongue ring barbell designs where the ring hangs – door knocker style – from one of the studs.

If you are interested in buying tongue ring barbells an extremely wide selection can now be found online from stores like The bars can be gold, titanium or surgical grade stainless steel while the stud part can be any hygienic material.