There Are Different Types Of Carpet Cleaning Services

There are a number of different ways to clean a carpet, the method that is chosen has a lot to do with the traffic patterns, whether there are small kids and pets in the house and even those that tend to have allergies are taken into account. The carpet itself must also be considered as the right carpet cleaning in Lynden, WA must take into account the material the carpet is made of. Because of the number of important factors that should be taken into account it is often the best solution to hire professional carpet cleaners than attempt to do the job as a DIY project. Carpet cleaning services can offer five different methods; dry cleaning, shampoo, foam, bonnet and the method that is considered best; steam cleaning. Regardless of the method that is chosen the first thing that the professionals do is give the carpet a thorough vacuuming.

The use of shampoo to clean the carpet is the least effective. Specially formulated detergents are applied directly to the carpet and then a rotary machine agitates the detergent. The shampoo residue is the extracted with a vacuum. Although the finished carpet may appear to be clean and have a pleasant odor this is accomplished by the detergent which has brighteners and deodorizers added. In short order the carpet appears dirty again as much of the dirt has remained in the carpet.

In high traffic areas dry cleaning is often the preferred method because the carpet remains dry. The carpet is covered with a dry cleaning powder that pulls dirt to it similar to a magnet. The powder is worked into the carpet and the instantly removed with a vacuum.

The foam cleaning method is somewhat of a hybrid between shampoo and dry cleaning. This method uses very little water and foam detergent but this mixture does attract the dirt to it. Once the foam has been well worked into the carpet it is removed with a wet-dry vacuum which extracts most of the moisture and dirt.

Bonnet cleaning is rarely found in the home, it is a method of carpet cleaning in Lynden, WA that applies almost exclusively to commercial buildings. A chemical is sprayed on the carpet and removed by a rotary machine which is fitted with an absorbent pad.

The most effective method of carpet cleaning in Lynden, WA is hot water extraction. Professional carpet cleaners use a powerful machine; either connected to a truck in your driveway or a stand-alone unit which injects hot water and detergent into the carpet. The mixture, along with the dirt is immediately extracted by the same machine. This method of carpet cleaning leaves the carpets looking as clean and smelling as good as the day they were purchased.

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