The Wide World of Football Memorabilia

The game of American football has become one of the most popular sports in America. Millions of fans gather in stadiums as well as in front of their television sets to cheer their favorite to victory. These fans are also collectors of a wide range of items which serve as a reminder of their favorite team and players. This large collection of products has made the football industry billions of dollars over the years. But when it comes to purchasing these items for resale or to add to a personal collection there are many different criteria to take into consideration.

The first item to consider is the object itself. In the world of football memorabilia there are many different items which collectors can find on the market. These object vary from a card which lists the achievements of an athlete to a Super Bowl ring which is emblazoned with the players name and the date of that game. These things will have very different values due to the nature of the object. Some items also do not retain or increase in value so a little research on the actual item will be a necessary step.

The second criteria to take into consideration is whether the piece has been signed by the individual to which it is connected. Fans will often get the signature of the players on a piece of sports memorabilia when they go to a football game or an event where the athletes will be signing autographs. This will increase the value of the object. The amount of value that the autograph adds to the item can be determined by the individual who signed the object. A player who is very well known in the sport will add more value than a player who has just joined the team.

The date is another piece of information which will help to determine the value of the piece of football memorabilia. When a jersey, football or poster is signed by a player at the Super Bowl there is a higher value placed on the object because that is the most important game of the year. If the athlete who signed the object was on the team that won the Super Bowl this will increase the value placed on that item even more. Therefore, date is an integral part in ascertaining the value of the football memorabilia that is in question.

Finally, you will need to look at the big picture when identifying just what your item and what it is worth. Take all the factors above as a whole to find the value of the football memorabilia in order to sell the piece or when placing it in a collection. This will allow you to get the maximum return on the investment you made.


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