The Various Strategies Cities Should Consider to Manage Waste disposal

Several cities across the world are choking with unbridled garbage. As such, administrations are brainstorming to roll out a long lasting solution to this menace. Having a substantial Waste Management Plan is essential to curb the reckless disposal of wastes in cities.

What are Some of the Strategies that Cities can Implement to Curb Uncontrolled Garbage disposal?

Build Recycling centers

Several established organizations recycle paper, plastic, cans, and aluminum foils. However, these companies experience challenges accessing these wastes for recycling. Introducing centers where residents can dump recyclable wastes can drastically reduce the volume of papers and plastic littered in the cities.

Provision of Well-organized Garbage Collection Systems

Unavailability of a reliable Waste Management Plan and infrastructure has hindered the efforts to keep cities clean.

In solidarity with private garbage management firms, governments should have efficient garbage collection vehicles and equipment to cater to the volume of garbage generated in the cities.

Consequently, these entities should conduct a comprehensive study of the garbage generation statistics in the cities. Some of the data includes:

•The kind of materials the cities generate as garbage

•The volume of waste produced in the city each day

•The precise amount of garbage generated in various locations of the city

With these data, firms can analyze and come up with a reliable waste collection model. Also, the information will assist when allocating garbage collection vehicles and equipment across the city.

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