The Various Applications of Perforated Aluminum Panels

Perforated aluminum panels are created through the process of stamping sheet metal. Materials that are very versatile in nature are used in the manufacturing of these panels.

From lightweight decorative pieces to structural components meant to bear heavy loads, these aluminum panels provide incredible prospects that offers beauty, strength and functionality. Perforated panels is the ideal way to complete your projects with a workable design.

Filter Light Without Blocking Your View

A perforated sunshade or sunscreen will provide you with the privacy that you desire. However, you do not have to worry about your view being blocked. You will be able to let in natural light in a way that keeps you comfortable regardless of the time of day.

In addition to providing you with enjoyable filtered lighting. Using these panels will also cut down on cooling costs because they help to redirect heat and lightens the load on your HVAC system. You can save energy and control interior climate with claddings, canopies and facades created from perforated aluminum panels.

So Many Patterns

The staggered pattern of the perforation provides the greatest amount of air flow. However, the perforation can also be aligned in a straight pattern of columns and rows. In addition, a pattern that has end perforation as opposed to being solid gives the sheet a rough and incomplete look that some people prefer depending on the application.

The tools that are used to create such a wide variety of patterns include a stripper plate, punch holder, punches and die plate. Interchangeable die sets may also be used. Measurements are taken from one side to the other in order to determine the diameter, the perforation shape or the size of the holes. The perforation pattern appears uniform and complete at the end of the sheet.

So Many Uses

Perforated aluminum panels are the ideal component for a number of different application, such as screens, fencing, stairs, building facades, security, sunscreen, noise reduction, climate control and so much more. In addition, these panels can be used in a broad range of industries as well, such as food processing, mechanical industry, farming, energy, chemicals as well as the automotive industry, just to name a few.

Once you decide that you want to invest in perforated panels, the only thing left to decide is the patter that you want. This will greatly depend on your particular application.

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