The Truth about Roof Leaks

When you call on a professional roofer in Downers Grove their primary goal will be to secure your primary defense against outside elements. Water – in any form – sleet, hail, snow or rain, can easily penetrate any weakness in any type of roofing system that is installed. The goal of the roofer you hire will not only be to install roofs that can stand up to wear and tear that comes from the weather year after year, but also to provide assistance if a water intrusion does occur.

While there are a number of roof leaks that are fairly simple to repair, the main issue is determining the actual source of the leak. When you find a drip in the ceiling, you may assume that the leaks origin is actually right above where the drip is. However, the leak may actually be traveling down one of the rafters, or may be the result of accumulated condensation. For example, it can be very common for AC and plumbing leaks to be misdiagnosed by a homeowner as a roof leak.

It is also important to be aware of the main causes of a roof leak. Some of the primary sources include:

  *  Loose, cracked or missing seams, tiles or shingles
  *  Deteriorating or damaged seals, caulking or flashing.
  *  Improper or inadequate attic ventilation that can cause condensation buildup.
  *  Collars, shingles, flashing and valleys that are not installed properly.
  *  Development of ice dams which can prevent water from being carried away properly causing water to move underneath the shingles.
  *  Nail heads that are exposed
  *  Water that is ponding
  *  Flashing around skylights
  *  Rain driven beneath the shingles by wind
  *  Accumulation of debris which can accelerate deterioration because of trapped moisture.

Remember, just because a leak seems small and insignificant, it does not mean it is going to stay that way. If you ignore a leak or other roofing issue, the problem is only going to become more extensive and expensive. Take the time to find a good roofer ahead of time, that way when an issue does arise it can be handled in a timely manner. There is no reason to let a leak in your roof progress, since you are putting your home and everything inside at risk of issues. As you can see, there are a number of causes of leaks and taking care of it right away will pay off and minimize issues.

If you are in need of a roofer in Downers Grove, contact the professionals from Showalter Roofing Service Inc. today for prompt service.

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