The Total Sales Makeover

by | Jun 20, 2011 | Business

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Becoming a good seller is not easy. You need the right mix of talent, attitude, drive and trustworthiness to take you to the top. You need to have that X-factor that convinces people and converts inquiries to sales. In case you are wondering why you are not getting the results you want when it comes to sales, what you need is a total sales makeover. You need to approach the whole activity differently, and focus on things you might not have considered. Here are some strategies and tips that can help you successfully perform that total sales makeover:-


Create Relationships, Not Clients: People love dealing with people they know, and one of the cornerstones of sales is building relationships. The moment you stop seeing them as clients or projects and take an interest in them as human beings, you will realize just how much their reaction changes for the better.


Don’t Oversell: People hate being pushed, and they hate feeling manipulated. Understand the fact that you could try to force them to buy something they don’t really need and make one sale, or step back and create a recurring customer.


Target Specific Customer Groups: Not everyone wants what you are selling. That’s an idea you will have to get used to. So instead of flooding the market with advertising and trying to reach the mass market, focus your efforts on groups and niches that are more likely to have greater need of your products.


Think about your client’s needs: Your clients have different needs. You have products that can satisfy those needs. However, if you think a little more about your clients needs and wants, you will perhaps be able to serve them better with suggestions, tips and ideas on how to use those products to achieve maximum satisfaction. This will endear yourself to your clients and make the crucial difference when its time for their next purchase.


Don’t forget your customers after the sale: After you make a sale, a curtsey call about how the product is working and whether they have any complaints or not about the product is always appreciated. It makes the customer feel like you actually care about their experience, and not just about making a sale.


There are many more ways of achieving a total sales makeover, but these are perhaps the most effective. So get started today and see how much better you become as a seller.




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