The Shades of Green Offered by Commercial Hand Dryers

When looking for a way to upgrade your business’s bathrooms or hand-washing stations, green is your favorite color. Commercial hand dryers are green in more ways than one, making them the best solution for your company’s hygiene needs.

Going Green

The most obvious way that hand dryers are green is in their environmental friendliness. Today’s modern hand dryers are designed to use minimal energy while still remaining more effective than ever. Not only do these dryers save trees by eliminating paper towel waste, but they also save energy by operating at as little as 950 watts. Some dryers are outfitted with cold plasma generators, making them even more efficient without worrying about excess heat buildup leading to dangerously hot machinery and wasted heat energy.

Saving Green

This energy efficiency leads directly to the next level of green. By saving on energy costs and eliminating paper towel expenses, commercial hand dryers can save you a ton of money. Some dryers advertise that they can dry the hands of up to 100 people for the cost of a single paper towel, which can add up to hundreds or even thousands of saved dollars per year.

Green Light

Despite their minimal energy usage and low heat output, today’s dryers are more efficient than ever. The third way these dryers are green is their speed, meaning you get the green light to go and get back to your business faster than ever. Modern dryers are capable of forcing out air at up to 225 MPH, taking your hands from dripping to the desert in as little as 12 seconds. Time is money, in more ways than one, so these hand dryers are designed to shave precious seconds off your hygiene routine.

Whether you operate a professional company, retail store, restaurant, or other service establishment, commercial hand dryers are a great way to upgrade your hygiene stations. Going green is easier than ever, and the time and money you’ll save make the investment more than worth it.

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