The Role of Wedding Chuppahs in Maui

Although weddings between couples who truly love each other and bring out the best in each other are beautiful, gorgeous wedding chuppahs add an additional element of intimacy and are also a significant element in many weddings. The cloth chuppah was originally draped around the shoulders of the happy couple, then spread over their heads. This cloth symbolizes the creation of a new household between husband and wife and is a great way to be introduced as a newly married couple.

Outdoor Beauty

Wedding chuppahs in Maui are traditionally outside, which symbolizes the blessing of God to Abraham that He would multiply their family and give them many descendants. The chuppah reminds the husband and wife that they are protected by God and that he is their support now and in the future when they are married. It’s important to many couples that, even if they are unable to be married outside, they have their chuppah under the sky, often by setting it up under a skylight of some sort.

God’s Presence

Everyone wants to feel God at their wedding, and wedding chuppahs are a great way to symbolize His presence. Many people believe that He sanctifies the space under the chuppah and is present during the ceremony. In fact, it is common for guests at a wedding to spend time under the chuppah after the wedding is completed to remember their own ceremonies.

Wedding chuppahs are an amazing way to express your faith and feel the presence of God at your wedding. If you are looking for a gorgeous chuppah that will add to the beauty of your wedding ceremony without detracting from the ceremony itself, then contact us today for more information. With years of experience and many different styles for you to choose from, we are sure to be able to help you choose the chuppah of your dreams, which will help you celebrate your wedding with God at your ceremony.

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