The Responsibility of Helping a Loved One Be Released on Bail in El Reno, OK

When good people make unwise decisions, they sometimes wind up behind bars, waiting for a family member or friend to come up with Bail in El Reno OK. The relative or friend may only be able to afford this by calling an agency that provides bail surety bonds for a fee. These services help defendants regain their freedom while waiting for trial or for the case to be resolved another way.

A Big Responsibility

When deciding whether to bail someone out of jail, it’s best to remain calm, although this may seem impossible. Thinking rationally about the responsibility and considering the loved one with an objective viewpoint is essential.

This person providing bail must make a judgment call as to whether the loved one is trustworthy and will make all court appearances. If the person bailed out of jail runs off, which does happen on occasion, the bail bonds agency becomes legally responsible for paying cash bail. The agency will seek to transfer that responsibility to the customer who arranged for the bond while also sending out a bounty hunter for the defendant.

Financial Implications

The main reason people choose to obtain a bond instead of paying cash bail in El Reno OK is that they don’t have the funds for the bail or comparable collateral. That means having to pay the full amount because a defendant runs away a true hardship. The bail amount may have been set at $10,000, for example. The person could scrape together $1,000 for the 10-percent bond fee, but $10,000 is completely out of reach.

Compassionate Service

Some men and women feel embarrassed about contacting an organization such as Ken Boyer Bail Bonds, wondering how judgmental the agents are about the situation. These bond agents provide compassionate, friendly service. They understand the challenges involved when people who have not been convicted of a crime have to remain incarcerated because they cannot afford bail. In many cases, the arrested individual has not committed a violent offense. Often, the offense is a charge of drug possession or shoplifting. Although these can be criminal charges, the idea that a defendant should be held in jail before being found guilty is troubling to many residents.

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