The Pros and Cons of Sleeve Gastrectomy in Las Vegas

When struggling with weight issues, such as obesity, heart conditions and other medical issues, many find themselves faced with a difficult decision. Should they consider sleeve gastrectomy in Las Vegas or continue on the path they are currently on and struggle with their weight situation. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of having this procedure. This will help those of you who are currently dealing with weight management issues decide whether this procedure is right for you.

The Pros of Sleeve Gastrectomy in Las Vegas

If you’re struggling with your weight and are taking surgery into consideration, the pros are just as important as the cons. When you get a sleeve gastrectomy in Las Vegas, a portion of your stomach is removed, making it to not lose weight. Because of the smaller stomach size, you will only be able to consume smaller amounts of food. This leaves many losing weight quickly and maintaining their weight loss more easily. After the procedure, which lasts less than two hours, a one to two-day hospital stay can be expected. With few side effects and the loss of not only weight, but medical issues, this procedure is often considered a go-to choice by many.

The Cons of Sleeve Gastrectomy in Las Vegas

As with every surgery, there are cons to consider as well. With this type of weight loss surgery, an increase in heartburn or GERD issues are often an issue. It’s also possible to experience leaks from the stomach or the actual surgery site. However, in comparison to other forms of weight loss surgery, the sleeve is considered to be one of the safest options available to those who have tried other weight loss options and have reached the point of needing surgical assistance.

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