The Most Important Reasons To Choose Quality Stud Welders

Stud welding handheld tools, power supplies, and cables will not be the most costly equipment on most jobs. However, lack of durability, features, and ease of use can turn even a small stud welding job into a much longer and more challenging project. Always consider how the handheld tool is designed for the comfort of the operator as well as easy positioning from any angle.

Additionally, without quality systems in stud welders, it is very likely the welds themselves will be incomplete. This will create a significant risk of weld failure or issues with stress and shear forces. The risk increases the likelihood of structural problems on the equipment, system, ship, heavy duty equipment, bridge or any other type of application where stud welds are used.

Choose By Manufacturer

The reputation of the manufacturer is critical when choosing stud welders. There are a lot of different systems on the market, many of them not designed for continuous work or work in a wide variety of different applications.

With the different options in stud welders, including drawn arc and capacitator discharge (CD), finding the right handheld tools, power supplies, and cables to stand up to the workload will be essential.

Selecting manufacturers with a top reputation in the stud welding industry as well as a proven track record of offering quality systems should be a priority. This will eliminate constant replacement of the welding systems so common with cheap models.

Consider the Use

With the CD stud welding requirements, taking the time to consider the type of use and the size of stud welds commonly used will be an important first step. There is standard use as well as heavy-duty systems, with the heavy-duty stud welding systems designed for larger diameter weld studs and more demanding types of applications.

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