The Most Critical Components To Inspect When Purchasing Used Forklifts For Sale In Los Angeles

Companies that maintain warehouses know the importance of having quality forklifts standing by to streamline the process of gathering items when fulfilling orders. Despite their importance to a company, they are typically costly to purchase, and it is often cost prohibitive for a small company to buy a new unit. Used Forklifts For Sale in Los Angeles allow a company of any size to get the equipment they need at an affordable price and increase the overall efficiency of their warehouse operations.

Forks and Mast

The forks and mast of a forklift sustain a substantial amount of wear and tear, and extreme damage may prevent them from being safe to operate. Be sure to look for the presence of bent metal or cracks in the mast and forks. Some companies will attempt to weld broken forks back together, so be sure to identify any signs of welding before making an offer to purchase a piece of used equipment.

Lift Chains and Cylinders

The chains and cylinders are what raise and lower the forks, and most are powered by a hydraulic motor. If the chains of Used Forklifts For Sale in Los Angeles are rusted or if extreme slack is present it is typically a sign of an inadequate maintenance routine. It is also critical to inspect the cylinder which powers the chain for the presence of leaks, as this could be an indicator that hydraulic system repairs are warranted before the device is usable.

Counterweights and Engine

To aid in the lifting and lowering of a forklift, most units are equipped with counterweights at the rear of the vehicle. Make sure the counterweights are securely attached to the frame of the lift, and that there are no signs of corrosion or excess wear and tear. Finally, inspect the engine and make sure the oil level is adequate by examining the dipstick and examine the belts for cracks or signs of dry rot.

With a little research and due diligence, it is possible to find a quality used forklift that will improve a company’s operational efficiency without breaking the bank. Select Equipment is a leading provider of quality used and new warehouse equipment and thoroughly inspects the machines they sell. Visit to learn more and browse their complete inventory online.

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