The Many Types of Custom Molding

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Molding

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When you need a specialty item, what kind of technique will get you exactly what you need? There are a variety of means to create plastic or plastic composites to use in your business. The purpose and size of your desired product influences the kind of procedure used to make your item. Here is a look at some common custom molding techniques and how to decide if your product would be best made in this way.

Blow Molding

For hollow equipment, blow molding is the most common method of production. Air is blown, usually through mechanical means, through the material used to create pipes or containers. The various techniques of blow molding can result in vessels capable of holding anywhere from 4 ounces to 2.5 gallons.

Dip Molding

For custom molding of plastics that go on the outside of an item, dip molding is the most common procedure. The item that needs to be coated is dipped into molten plastic and then allowed to cool. Depending on how thick of a layer is needed, there may be multiple dips of the same item.

Injection Molding

One very versatile production type is injection molding. This method uses molten plastic and a mold to create the exact size and shape of your desired product. This method uses both high levels of heat and pressure and should always be done by an experienced company.


When a soft plastic is spread or pulled into a desired shape, that is called extrusion. Unlike some other custom molding types, this method warms the plastic until it is malleable but not necessarily molten. This can result in a lowered production cost for some items.

For all of your custom molding needs, seek an experienced professional who can work safely and efficiently with plastics kept at high temperatures. Whether you need your item for industrial or medical purposes, there are many different techniques to produce the exact shape and size you need.

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