The Many Features of the Custom Shower Door in Indianapolis, IN

Nothing is as relaxing as a hot shower after a good workout, or at the end of a long day when your muscles are achy and sore. When you are taking that hot shower, though, you want to ensure your complete privacy and comfort while you are ridding yourself of nature’s oils, grime and troubles. You want a shower door that will offer you this comfort, this luxury, and this temporary reprieve from life’s troubles. You may even want to go as far as custom build your shower door to your particular fancy. There is a company whose aim is just that, to design you a custom shower door in Indianapolis, IN.

Meet Dr. Shower Door and Mirror, LLC, installers and replacers of shower doors in Indianapolis, Indiana. They want to tell you about the many shower doors they custom design for you such as sliding shower doors, glass shower doors and walls, custom shower doors and frameless glass shower doors. The frameless feature is one of their designs they want to tell you about.

Frameless glass shower doors eliminate the need for the metal framing, which maximizes the use of glass in the door, adding more lighting to the bathroom. They are made of thick, tempered glass, which makes the glass door sturdy enough to endure normal shower punishment. The elegant look of the frameless glass shower door adds class to your bathroom. You can use a frameless option as a stand alone shower or as the bathtub screen, and you can opt for many variety of choices to complete your frameless glass shower ensemble. The glass used for the frameless shower door range from clear glass to frosted glass to rain glass. The possibilities can range as far as your creativity can take you.

Take advantage of the frameless glass shower doors and many other types of custom shower doors such as the swinging glass shower doors, the framed glass doors, the semi-framed glass doors, the steam tight glass doors, and the bifold glass doors. There are many types to suit every customer. For your custom shower door in Indianapolis, IN, call upon Dr. Shower Door and Mirror by visiting their location or visiting their website.

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