The Importance of Using Microfocused X-ray Machines in Santa Cruz, CA

The Importance of Using Microfocused X-ray Machines in Santa Cruz, CA
For those of you who are unfamiliar with microfocus units, they are simply x-ray machines in which the size of the focal spot is less than 100 um. Advanced versions of these machines use an electron beam to achieve a focal spot which is less than 5 um. These advanced machines also need a special cooling period so they do not overheat.

What Is the Purpose of Microfocused X-rays?

When radiography engages in the use microfocused x-rays, it is because there is a need for enhanced imaging of an object. The facilitation of the observation of the object and all of its minute details in turn makes it significantly easier to detect flaws. The fact that these advanced Integrated Microfocus X-ray Source machines can provide much resolution makes them a gamechanger in the medical community.

How Does It Work?

The machine generates an electron beam of x-rays which bombard the object being analyzed. Since the beam has a scope size which is infintesimal, it passes quickly through the object on the turntable. The image is then cast onto a sensor which in turn projects a greyscale image into a monitor. As with all x-rays, the image provided by the Integrated Microfocus X-ray Source will depend completely on the spatial distance between the detector and the source machine.

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