The Importance of Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning

One of the easiest ways to protect both your family’s safety and your investment in your home is to make and keep a regular Dryer Vent Cleaning schedule. This simple task is often overlooked, but when maintained regularly takes very little time.

Neglecting to schedule regular Dryer Vent Cleaning Darien CT is the cause of almost three thousand home fires each year, causing in the worst cases both serious injury and death- on average there are over one hundred cases of serious injury and at least five deaths per year in fires that are completely preventable by regular maintenance. It is one of the most important maintenance tasks that a home owner can perform in order to maintain their property.

Besides the obvious health and safety issues, maintaining your dryer’s vent can save you money. A dryer is one of the biggest users of electricity in a regular home and improper care and maintenance can cost the home owner hundreds of dollars each year in additional energy costs. Some signs that a dryer is overdue for a vent cleaning can include longer drying times becoming necessary, noticing that your clothing is suddenly not as warm coming from the dryer as normal, and damp clothes at the end of a full cycle.

Although regular lint trap cleanings should be performed after every use of the dryer, a complete Dryer Vent Cleaning Darien CT should be performed at least once per year if the dryer is receiving average usage. It may be recommended more often if the dryer is used more that normal, meaning several times a day most days of the week.

When the scheduled cleaning time has arrived, look for a company with experience and knowledge specific to dryer vents and the materials they are made from because these vary from home to home and each requires a different type of handling to avoid being damaged in the cleaning. Interview the company and make sure that they are well prepared for your situation; if a company is reputable they will be more than willing to walk you through not only the process and time involved, but their methods and practices.

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