The Importance of High Quality Pet food in Folsom CA

You love your dog. You make sure he’s fed and cared for every day, but after numerous trips to the vet you’re wondering if you’re doing something wrong. If your dog is suffering from chronic ear infections, allergies, or diarrhea, his food may be to blame. High quality pet food in Folsom CA will keep your pet healthy and active for years to come.

Remember high quality does not necessarily mean high price. You should always check pet food labels. Animal protein should be one of the first few ingredients. These will simply be listed as chicken or beef. The dog food may also list chicken meal or lamb meal. In addition, all vegetables and grains should be holistic. Processed vegetable loss many of their nutrients. Pet owners should avoid meat by-products. While by-products are cheaper, they also lack many of the nutrients your dog requires.

Avoid pet foods that are unusually high in filler ingredients. A filler product is something that adds bulk to the food but is of little to no nutritional value. Fillers are usually used to provide fiber, but little else. While dogs do require fiber, it is recommended that fiber intake come from whole grains and vegetables. Corn hulls and rice bran are examples of fiber fillers.

Artificial preservatives, colors, and, sweeteners can also cause health problems in many dogs. Many of the artificial preservatives used in pet foods have been suspected of causing cancer in humans for years. While artificial preservatives help to limit the growth of bacteria, there are many natural preservatives available that can preserve food. When looking for artificial preservatives, look for things such as nitrate and BHT. Animals have also shown a high allergy rate to artificial colors and sweeteners. While artificial colors may help the appearance of the food, they have no nutrients.

Do not be fooled by high priced food or bags that have premium prominently listed. In reality, any company can label their food as premium if it contains as little as 1% beef. Reading labels is the only way to know what is truly inside the bag. Finding a high quality pet food in Folsom CAis as simple as taking the time to check labels for a few key ingredients.

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