The Importance of Having Professional Contractors Install Roofing in Franklin

Many homeowners take pride in completing do-it-yourself projects around the house, some of which may be extensive. However, there’s general agreement that the replacement of residential roofing in Franklin should be done by professional contractors. The work is physically demanding and poses significant safety hazards. Inaccuracy in installation can lead to roof leaks and the voiding of manufacturer warranties.

Physically Demanding

Not everyone is up to the task of a full roofing project. The work requires a great deal of kneeling and moving across the surface of the roof on one’s knees. Repeated standing, crouching, and kneeling are required. Heavy packs of shingles and tools must be carried to the top of the house. The project can be especially fatiguing when done in the hot sunshine. Experienced roofers are accustomed to this type of physical labor, but even they often quit at a relatively young age due to the demands on their bodies.

Safety Hazards

Professional contractors who offer service for roofing in Franklin fully understand the safety hazards of the work and how to prevent accidents. Individuals without experience in this work are more likely to trip or slip and fall to the ground. Although it can seem hard to believe, falls sometimes occur when the person becomes so accustomed to being on the roof for several hours that he or she forgets about the height and steps backward off the edge. Falls from ladders also sometimes occur.

Installation Problems

It may seem easy enough to tear off old shingles and nail new ones onto a roof deck, but there are specific techniques that must be followed. Otherwise, leaks can develop. This is particularly likely in roof valleys. Shingle manufacturers will not cover these problems when the issue was caused by amateur installation.

Professional Work

Do-it-yourself home improvement makes sense when the homeowners are landscaping, replacing a kitchen floor and building a deck. This can’t be said about replacing a roof. That work should be completed by a contractor such as The H.E. Parmer Company. Anyone who needs this type of project done may visit us to start the process of getting an estimate.

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