The Importance of Furnace Care in Palos Heights

With so much to worry about in our busy lives, many things go unnoticed, such as maintenance items. For example, when is the last time you thought about cleaning your furnace or air ducts? Chances are, you probably haven’t and if more than likely it is high time this maintenance item is checked off your list. There are many benefits from a clean furnace and it’s time you started to take advantage of these and get your home in order. Thankfully for Furnace Cleaning Palos Heights is home to some wonderful professionals who will come in and complete all of your maintenance needed quickly and efficiently.

Older furnaces need much more maintenance than those installed in the last 10 years. Most people have older furnaces and today’s service techs are fully capable of handling an older system, however, they require much more work than newer more efficient systems. The technician will pull the burners and blow them out completely. Next, he will take a close inspection of the heat exchange, making sure there are no small cracks or leaks. This process is usually completed with the help of a mirror. Next, the tech will move on to the thermocouple and replace that part as they usually don’t last for many years as the other parts of the furnace will. After this replacement, the tech will check the limit switch and flue pipe. This process is usually repeated yearly to maintain a healthy system. For today’s newer systems the process is much easier. The tech will simply come in and check your flame sensor. If all is well, the process is complete, although sometimes due to buildup or mold, a tech will be required to clean the air ducts thoroughly. This is extremely important for a safe environment and should be completed if the tech recommends the service.

If you are not sure how to locate a licensed and trained professional, simply complete a Google search. For example, search Furnace Cleaning Palos Heights and you will find a professional in your area. Our homes are our sanctuaries and we want our families to be comfortable and safe. Don’t neglect your furnace and pay the high price with the safety of your family.