The History of the Automobile

Cars have been around for more than a hundred years. It is a great example of how technology has improved over the years. Every aspect of the car has changed. The engine has advanced, it is easier to use, and comfort is now expected.

The First Cars

The first cars were a marvel of engineering for the time. The combustion engine was brand new and the mechanical systems that made up the rest of the car were also in their early days. It was rough around the edges though, requiring a lot of skill to operate. They were also unreliable, often taking many hard cranks on the manual start to get the engine running. It was hard work to turn the engine over using the hand crank and it was possible it could kick back, breaking your arm.

The first cars had next to no safety equipment. Braking systems were very low tech compared to the systems used today. Seat belts were not introduced until much later and airbags were introduced more than 70 years after the automobile. These cars were also terribly uncomfortable; usually with benches that were hard and unyielding.

Modern Cars

The cars you see today are much different. When you go into a Volkswagen dealer in Lockport you are not going to have to crank any engines. All vehicles are going to have electronic ignitions; push to start is the current technology. A car sold today will come equipped with all kinds of automation, all to make driving easier and safer. Automatic transmissions are a great example; the driver no longer has to switch gears. This improves power and efficiency because the correct gear is used at all times. Safety, comfort, and ease of driving are all aspects that manufacturers are expected to deliver in their cars today.

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