The Hidden Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orange County

Being charged with a criminal offense is a traumatic experience for just about anyone. This is especially true if you are not guilty of what you are being charged with and you have no idea how the legal system works. The unfortunate truth is that the legal system is not perfect. People get charged of crimes they really did not commit every day. In this situation, reaching out to a local law firm such as the Law Offices of Christopher J. McCann would be extremely beneficial.

Choosing not to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orange County is one of the biggest mistakes you could make if you are actually innocent of the crime you are being charged with. Too many people assume that because they are innocent, they should have no trouble representing themselves in court. Not hiring a lawyer to represent you in court tends to leave you worse off. Do you really want to risk going to jail for something you did not do?

It is, however, important to keep in mind that people who “did not do it” are not the only people who need to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orange County. If you did commit the crime, you need a lawyer just as much as the person who did not. There are a number of benefits a lawyer will bring to your case as well.
Reducing your Sentence

If you are guilty of the crime you are being charged with, it is safe to assume you will get some kind of punishment. Your lawyer will do what they can to get your sentence as light as possible. This could be something as simple as rehab and community service instead of actually having to do jail time.

Even if you committed a crime, there is always a small chance you can walk away clean. This is because police officers are still required to respect all of your rights when they arrest you. When your lawyer investigates your case, the first thing they are going to look for is anything that might have been a violation of your rights. It is not uncommon for lawyers to get cases thrown out when they can find enough discrepancies in the way you were arrested.

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