The First Step to a Better Life: 3 Things to Look for in DWI Programs

Maybe you’re struggling with addiction. Maybe you have a friend or loved one who is starting to worry you with their drinking. Whatever your reasons for considering alcohol education and awareness, here are just three things to look for in a DWI or DUI program.

  1. Services

What does the program actually offer? Some might be full-scale rehab programs with inpatient services for detox and therapy; others might be once-a-week classes that cover topics related to addiction, mental health and cognitive behavioral management. Know what you’re signing up for before you actually do it, especially if there are court-ordered requirements involved.

  1. Location

If you live in Minneapolis, try to find DWI programs near Minneapolis. You don’t want distance to become an excuse that you use to skip your classes or meetings. Additionally, if you stay local, you might be able to connect with other people like you who live in the neighborhood and can offer support.

  1. Cost

Some addiction services are covered by insurance; others are not. You’ll need to do your research before signing up for any kind of rehab program. The good news is that rehabs often have financial coordinators who will walk you through your options and help you arrange things like payment plans if they’re offered. Don’t assume that a program is outside of your price range until you’ve talked about it.

For more information about cognitive therapy, alcohol education, mental health services or DWI programs near Minneapolis, contact River Ridge.

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