The Effect of Centella Asiatica Extract on the Skin

Many involved with Eastern medicine have long used Centella Asiatica extract as a medicinal herb. It has only been in recent times that Westerners have begun to learn and benefit from it as well.

There have been many positive reviews for this extract in relation to many health conditions. It has certainly been found to have positive effects on skin conditions, as we find out below.

It Appears to Have Anti-Inflammatory Effects

This is the reason why Centella Asiatica extract improves many skin conditions that cause redness, irritation, and rough dry skin. The extract is used in many creams and emollients, for direct application to the affected skin.

Topical application via the extract in a carrier cream means the active ingredients go straight to where they are most needed. This makes it ideal for skin conditions.

It Seems to Boost Collagen Production

Some research indicates that collagen production becomes enhanced when this extract is added to the skin. This may lead to faster healing, as new skin forms over cuts and other damaged areas of skin.

One source of research discovered that Centella Asiatica extract helped treat small burns and other wounds to the skin. With this in mind, we can see that it would help with ongoing skin conditions as well.

Other studies have found that the appearance of aging skin has also been noted. It is easy to see why many people use this extract in skin creams and lotions.

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