The Cop Just Arrested You For DWI, Now What Do You Do?

When you’re arrested for a DWI, you wonder what you’re going to do. The answer to that is very simple. You immediately call a DWI Attorney in Carmel NY. Not calling an attorney could land you in jail for longer than normal. An attorney can also start protection for you through the legal system. An attorney can also begin their investigation into your case and explain your options.

Asking yourself what you are going to do is not the right question to be asking. An attorney can address the right questions such as were you pulled over with probable cause; did they conduct the sobriety tests correctly; was the breathalizer completed properly and many others. These are questions an attorney can use in the court of law to see if you actually pulled over legally. That makes a difference as to whether or not the DWI charge will remain.

There are very harsh penalties for a DWI in New York for a first time offender. Some of them can include:

* You can receive up to a year in jail.

* You can pay up to $1,000 fine.

* A minimum 6-month revocation of your license.

* Ignition interlock which is required for one year.

Contacting a DWI attorney immediately is imperative for the success of your case. No driving privileges for six months could be the difference of you being able to support yourself and your family or starving. The same would hold true for a year in jail. If you’re convicted, any future arrests for DWI and enhanced even further. Getting an experienced DWI attorney shouldn’t even be a question in your mind.

When you you’re looking for an attorney, make sure they handle DWI cases. You don’t want to hire a real estate attorney for a criminal matter because they said they could handle your case. You can find a reputable attorney at. They will aggressively fight for the lowest possible penalty for you including dismissal. Not having an attorney to represent you could leave your life in a shambles if you are found guilty of a DWI. Don’t wait another minute if you’ve been charged for a DWI, contact an attorney today.

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