The Best Tree Service Company in Greenville, SC

The best tree service company in Greenville, SC, such as Out on a Limb Tree Service, offers more than tree removal assistance. A professional tree service company can help with pruning and storm clean-up. They will also give their professional opinions on the easiest methods to maintain your yard and what species of tree is best suited for your needs.

Oak Trees

Oak trees are beautiful year-round. During the fall, the leaves change colors to shades of bright red, orange, and yellow. If you do not mind raking leaves, oak trees are relatively low maintenance. They are an excellent source of shade during the hot summer months. Oak trees grow fast and have long lifespans. They require little attention. You can plant your favorite species of oak and let them flourish. They will grow up to 200 feet tall and produce acorns for the local wildlife. The most popular oak trees found in Greenville, SC include overcup oak, southern red oak, and white oak.


The best tree service company in Greenville, SC will suggest pruning your oak trees after they go dormant. They will remove dead or damaged branches that will impede the growth of your oak tree. Professionals will remove limbs that will potentially touch as well as immature and weak limbs. Limbs that grow in a “v” shape will also be removed as they can cause other branches to break off. The average cost of pruning oak trees is between 500 and 800 dollars. However, pruning services can cost as little as 100 dollars and as much as 2000 dollars. The cost of pruning services greatly depends on the landscape, the size of the trees, and accessibility. For example, it is much more expensive to trim an 85-foot oak tree on a hill than it is to trim a 10-foot oak tree on a flat surface in your yard.

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