The Best Top Shelf Tequila in All of Texas for Sale in Limited Areas

Top shelf tequila in Texas is defined by its ingredients and the years spent perfecting the fermentation process. There are some very recognizable chain brands of top shelf tequila, but they cannot compare to the limited batch tequila makers that dot Southern Texas, some parts of Florida, and some areas in California. If you want to experience small batch top shelf tequila in Texas, you have to know what you are looking for.

Perfectly Grown and Perfectly Cooked Agave

Agave is at the heart of the best tequila. These massive plants can only be grown in just the right soil and harvested at just the right time. If they are not grown in the right soil and harvested at the peak of their season, the agave will not cook down and ferment into a good tequila. Small batch tequila distilleries try to cook and ferment close to the fields where the agave was growing to increase the fresh flavorfulness of the tequila.

Perfectly Fermented Too

Any alcoholic beverage that relies on time to perfect the fermentation has to experiment until the exact amount of time is discovered for the perfect drink. Whiskey takes a decade or more in barrels. Wine takes equally as long as whiskey, if not longer. Tequila is no exception. After cooking down the small batches of agave and straining off the liquid, it is placed in barrels and left to ferment.

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