The Best Dog Training in Hattiesburg Offers a Variety of Classes

by | Oct 21, 2014 | Animal Hospital

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Owning a dog means taking responsibility for his health and well being. It’s a lifetime commitment, so it’s a good idea to have a well behaved pet. No one enjoys a dog who pulls on the leash and jumps all over everyone who visits. It’s a good idea to have obedience classes done by the Best Dog Training Hattiesburg, so that the time spent with your dog will be fun and rewarding for both of you.

Dog training works to teach obedience, curb bad habits, and instruct a dog for a specific skill. Animal Medical Center Of Hattiesburg offers puppy kindergarten classes, instruction for canine consultants and service dog education. Puppy kindergarten works with puppies and adult dogs who have not had any formal training. This class is designed to teach basic commands and social skills, as well as how to properly play with a dog. Pet owners are instructed on the differences between normal puppy behavior and what actions are not acceptable. By understanding how to encourage good conduct, a dog owner can keep unwanted behavioral problems to a minimum. This builds a better relationship between a dog and his family. Puppy training can be done in a private or group class, or as private lessons in a home setting. Instruction on how to properly train a dog for home protection is also available at this level.

The canine consultant classes include training for police dogs, search and rescue assistance, narcotics detection and criminal patrol. This class incorporates specialized skills, with a commitment to serving in a high demand field. It is taught by a professional who has over 25 years of teaching expertise to his credit.

The Best Dog Training Hattiesburg also offers service dog training. This class focuses on providing instruction for medical aid dogs, diabetic alert dogs and seizure dogs. These dogs enrich the life of the patient they are assisting. Since a patient is highly dependent on his service dog, the bond they build together is strong and unique.

Training a dog strengthens the relationship between an owner and his pet. It is an owner’s responsibility to teach a dog what he expects him to know. Love, commitment and positive reinforcement can yield outstanding results when provided by an experienced dog trainer. The medical center offers all of the services needed for a well behaved dog, as well as providing preventative and emergency care when it’s needed.

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