The Benefits Of Permanent Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are artificial teeth, complete with root. The root is surgical grade titanium and holds a porcelain crown. The best time to perform the procedure is shortly after a tooth has been lost or extracted; however, if there is sufficient jaw bone then the implant can be made after an extended period of time as well. Even if there is insufficient bone at the time, bone grafts can be made which allows for the dental implant procedure.

Although fixed bridges and dentures are also used when there are teeth missing, these have problems associated with them that dental implants do not. Dentures can be the cause of “clicking” sounds which can be quite embarrassing when you speak and eat; they may even slip in the dental arch and fall out. As fixed bridges rely on adjacent teeth for support, these teeth may eventually decay as a result.

Dental implants do not have these problems; the implant, which can be thought of as the tooth root, is made from titanium which fuses with the jaw bone. As the implant becomes part of the jaw bone there is little risk of bone loss which is a major concern with dentures. Although dentures and bridges may last from 7 to 10 years, dental implants will give lifelong service if they are maintained as the rest of the teeth are.

Dental implants in Spring, TX consist of three components; the implant itself which fuses with the jaw bone, the abutment which fits on top of the implant, the abutment in turn holds the crown. Once the procedure has been completed, and this may take upwards of eight or nine months, the implanted tooth cannot be distinguished from the natural teeth. It is the presence of a tooth root that stops the wearing away of the jaw bone, when the root is missing the bone erodes and if this has been left too long, the dentist will first perform a bone graft which strengthens the implant.

A dental implant provides the patient with a replacement tooth that looks and acts the same as the natural tooth it replaced. The implant provides a stable and secure support for the part of the tooth that is visible and the results are quite amazing.

Dentures often make the wearer appear older than he or she really is due to the loss of jaw bone which results in a collapsed appearance of the cheeks. Dental implants in Spring, Tx give the patient an entirely new lease on life.

Although dentures and bridges can be used when there are missing teeth, nothing does the job better than dental implants in Spring TX. If you have one or more missing teeth come discuss implants with the professionals at Business Name.

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