The Benefits of In-house Party Catering

Now you can bring the tantalizing taste of your favourite bar and grill to your next party. The place where you go with your friends and family to dine and watch live sports on the big screen can now deliver delicious foods to your home, office or another venue. Discover the benefits of In-house Party Catering from Business Name.

Tasty Menu Options

There is something on the menu for everyone. Choose from wings and boneless wings, sandwiches, wraps and more. From a hummus platter to macaroni and cheese and barbecued ribs, there is a variety of yummy menu choices to consider. You can even add desserts such as brownie bites, New York style cheesecake and more.

Let Someone Else Cook

Trying to cook all the food yourself takes away from the fun you can have at the party. Cooking trays of food are costly, time-consuming and exhausting. Save energy to enjoy yourself when you let someone else do all the cooking. All you need to do is place the order and enjoy yourself.

Select Your Own Venue

Whether you want to have a party at your home or office, In-house Party Catering makes it possible to choose your own venue. Select a convenient location where you can have a good time with friends, family or co-workers.

Last Minute Options

Sometimes you wanted to plan a party at the last minute. You can order just 24 hours ahead of time and cancel up to 6 hours before the scheduled time of the party. This gives you greater flexibility to have a spontaneous party rather than planning weeks or months ahead of time.

Ready to Go

A Sliders team member will be pleased to help you plan your next event. All of the food comes packaged with everything you need to eat including napkins, plates, utensils and serving utensils. Don’t worry about dishes or buying additional supplies when you have a party. Leave all the details in the hands of a professional. Simply select the food you want and have it delivered on the day of your party. Everyone is sure to love it.