The Benefits of Getting Yearly Exams at Eye Clinics in Inver Grove Heights MN

It is important for individuals to take care of their vision as they age. Many people become concerned about their health when they get older, but end up neglecting their eye care until they begin to experience problems. Abnormalities can begin to develop in people who have never had trouble with their eyesight in the past. For this reason, it is recommended that individuals get an eye exam at eye clinics in Inver Grove Heights MNonce a year.

Benefits of Getting a Yearly Eye Exam

Individuals who get their eyes checked regularly can catch eye problems when they are just beginning to form. As a result, eye conditions, such as blurry vision, astigmatism, and glaucoma can be treated more quickly and easily before conditions worsen. Even if individuals do not notice any difficulties with their eyes, they should get a check up each year to examine the inner layers of their eyes and make sure all of its components are functioning properly.

Types of Tests Performed

* People who visit Eye Clinics in Inver Grove Heights MN will receive standard eye tests where they read letters off a chart. Each line of letters gets smaller making it more difficult for patients to see as they move further along. The more items a patient can read, the better their eyes are. People who have difficulty with this exam may be prescribed contacts and glasses. Some patients may prefer to discuss laser eye corrective surgery for a permanent solution to their vision difficulties.

* Individuals will also receive a dilated exam. An eye care specialist at the center performs this test by administering drops to his patient’s eyes. The professional can see the retina and the surrounding tissue up close to detect abnormalities.

* Glaucoma testing can also be performed on patients who show signs of having the degenerative condition. An eye doctor will measure the patient’s eye pressure, inspect its drainage, look at the optic nerve more closely and test side and peripheral vision in patients. Glaucoma may be treated with eye drops, pills and surgical procedures depending on how serious the patient’s condition is.

Individuals should set up an appointment for an eye check up if it has been a year or longer since they have had one. People should also visit an optometrist if blurriness, difficulty focusing on objects or eye sensitivity are experienced.