The Bariatric Surgery Process

Bariatric surgery is also known as weight loss surgery. This is a surgical procedure that is performed on people that are struggling with obesity. As with any surgical procedure there are risks to the patient that undergoes Bariatric Surgery Fairfield County. There are several procedures one which entails implanting a device into the stomach to help reduce the size. There is also a procedure that can be done by the removal of part of the stomach to decrease the size. Another option is to have the small intestine rerouted.

If you or someone you know or love happen to be thinking about having Bariatric surgery done, a visit with your personal physician will be required. Your personal physician knows your complete medical history and if he or she fills you are a good candidate, they will then refer you to a medical weight loss center.

At the weight loss center, they will first calculate your BMI which is your body mass index. This was probably done by your physician but, this information can change and will need to be recalculated. Your BMI is calculated by your height, weight and your gender. If you are more than 100 pounds overweight and have a BMI over 40, you will more than likely pre-qualify for the procedure. Once the weight loss center has determined you will benefit from weight loss surgery, you will meet with the Bariatric Surgeon You will also need to consult with your insurance carrier to see if they will cover this procedure.

Once everything is in place, you will have another consultation with the weight loss center to find out which procedure would benefit your situation. You will also be required to attend information sessions and support groups.

You will then be scheduled to meet with your bariatric surgeon again to review your history and go over your previous tests. He will also go over the Bariatric Surgery Hartford, advise you of the risks and, if you agree, have you sign the consent forms. You will then be scheduled for your procedure based on your surgeon’s schedule.

Once you arrive at the medical facility, you will be admitted into the hospital and have more tests done, and if all is well, you will be prepped for surgery. Once your procedure is completed, you will need to stay in the hospital for observation to make sure you’re healing correctly and the surgery went well.