The Advantages of Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Morristown

Even though people who work pay into Social Security with every paycheck, they often end up having to jump through hoops in order to get benefits when they need them. Unfortunately, many people who deserve these benefits get turned down and are unable to support themselves. When one needs disability, it means that they are unable to work as they once could, and this is money that they need in order to survive. Everyone who has paid into Social Security is entitled to these benefits, and sometimes people must take additional steps to ensure that they do get this much-needed income.

When they are turned down for benefits, many people hire a Social Security disability lawyer in Morristown. This is someone who is well versed in all of the laws surrounding Social Security and can help clients fight for the right to be able to receive the benefits they are entitled to. There are many advantages to having legal representation when applying for benefits, and it is often recommended that people hire attorneys at the time of application to make sure that they have done all of the paperwork correctly. Those who have been denied benefits are eligible to appeal, and it really helps to have legal help with the appeals process. Some of the things lawyers do for their clients include:

1. Subpoenaing medical records that have not been released by physicians

2. Reviewing medical records to find out why they may have been declared ineligible

3. Proving that clients’ disabilities prevent them from earning a living

4. Preparing documentation for appeal hearings

People who hire a Social Security disability lawyer in Morristown stand a better chance of receiving benefits than those who have no legal representation. The process to get these benefits can be lengthy, and hiring an attorney can help to speed up the process.

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