The advantages of having a warm air heating system

by | Mar 12, 2013 | Heating and Cooling

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There are two main types of heating systems people use in their home. The first type of heating system is known as radiant heating. This typically involves radiators, gas heaters or electric heaters. Radiant heating requires heating each room separately by a single point of heat. Warm air heating, on the other hand, uses ducts and a furnace to pipe warm air throughout the house. This type of heating is not very common in the UK but in cold countries, such as Canada and the US, this is the preferred method of heating. You can still buy warm air heating systems in the UK, and you can purchase warm air heating in Hertfordshire through registered suppliers. There are many reasons why you should.

No need for plumbing

One of the biggest advantages of having a warm air heating system instead of radiant heating is that you do not need extensive plumbing. Most radiant heating systems are controlled using a boiler which pipes water to radiators around the house. The plumbing required behind this is a big job and boilers often break down and require expensive plumbers to fix. Burst pipes and leaks are a constant worry.

Warm air heaters, on the other hand, don’t need any plumbing. The ducts are normally built into the house and there’s no danger of leaking or the need to call in a plumber. The furnace which powers the heating system may need repair from time to time, but that’s all. What’s more, faults in warm air heating systems are easier to identify and trace.

They provide even air

Another advantage of warm air heating systems is that they heat the room evenly. With radiators, you will often find some radiators are hotter than others due to the water pressure and any blockage in the plumbing. Rooms that are of a different size will also heat differently and they will also be affected by obstructions to the radiator.

Warm air heating, on the other hand, provides even heat throughout the house. With ceiling mounted units, they are unlikely to get blocked, and what’s more, there’s no plumbing to affect the temperature in the ducts. What’s more, thermostats are far more effective with warm air heating. This is because you can turn the heat on and off with warm air heating instantly, while radiators require a long time to cool down.

Use as air conditioners

Finally, a big advantage with warm air heaters in Hertfordshire, or anywhere, is that they can double up as air conditioners in summer. All you need to do is replace the hot air with the cold air at the furnace. This will pipe cool air throughout the house via the existing ducts. You can’t do that with radiators.

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