The Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coatings in Seattle, WA

Floor Coatings in Seattle Wa are something many warehouses and industrial plants have to consider because of the type of work they do and the heaviness of the materials used. When it comes to these floors, epoxy coatings are what many companies choose because of their qualities. Epoxy Floor Coatings in Seattle Wa and the surrounding areas provide durability, high-performance, and smooth finishes for any floors. The floors will last many years and be able to withstand heavy loads. Below is a little bit more information on epoxy floors and the advantages of having them.

Requirements For Applying An Epoxy Finish

First, it is important that the surface is cleaned and is a bit porous so the coating can adhere properly. It is important to repair any holes, cracks, or chips in the surface before the epoxy is applied. The surface needs to be old enough so the new finish can adhere properly. Make sure that all drops of grease are cleaned and removed, as they will interfere with it adhering. Finally, test the surface by applying a small amount of water and make sure that it soaks in. Once that happens, the floor is ready for the epoxy coating to be applied.

Advantages Of An Epoxy Coating

The biggest reasons epoxy floor coatings are popular is because of their durability and strength. They are able to withstand a lot of weight as well as being very durable and functional when it comes to foot traffic. The epoxy finishes are easy to clean and will last several years when applied correctly. They also have safety features, as they create an anti-slip surface as well as being heat and fire resistant. They are environmentally friendly, and they do not require any maintenance.

Epoxy floor coatings have many other wonderful advantages that such coatings are now being used in homes. Homeowners are applying these coatings in areas such as the garage, basement, and even for their outdoor living space. The floors bring great value to the garage in terms of its cleanliness and functionality. It is very easy to apply and can be done in a day or less.

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