The Advantages of Copper Recycling in NJ

One of the best ways to make extra money is by selling scrap metal to a certified and reputable metal recycler. Among the most profitable metals to sell to a recycler is copper, which at certain times has been the most expensive metal in the industry. Nearly all of the copper used in the United States is made from the recycling industry, which means that this metal is in demand in a big way all across the world. Many of the wires used in the home electrical industry are filled with copper, which means when you are doing a remodeling job; your scrap pile should be filled with these types of wire. The following are a few of the many advantages of Copper recycling in NJ.

The Steady Decline of Mining

One of the biggest reasons why copper is in such high demand is that the mining industry that used to provide the bulk of this precious metal has all but dried up. The mining for copper is a very labor intensive and environmentally taxing process, but the more metal that is recycled the less strain will be put on the Earth. Over 95 percent of the copper in use today is from the Copper Recycling Industry, which is why the price for the metal is so high.

The Need

Another reason why selling copper is so profitable is that it is one of the most in demand metals in the world because it is used in a variety of different applications. One of the most common uses for copper is in electrical wire and as the construction begins to ramp up again, so does the need for more electrical wires and copper. You should notice that as the housing industry starts to gain ground, the price for copper starts to grow, which is the best time to sell your scrap copper.

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