The advantages of an above ground swimming pool

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Swimming Pools and Spas

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There are a number of advantages when purchasing an above ground pool in Cape Coral, FL; among them is the cost in both initial purchase as well as maintenance. Not only is this style pool less expensive, should the family move, the pool can be dismantled and re-assembled at the new home. Those homeowners who have gone the other way and invested in an in-ground pool have no such option; the pool must stay behind should they move.

Installing an in-ground pool is quite complex and includes digging a large hole in the garden. Above ground pools, even the largest, do not require this; the installation is relatively quick and easy. In the case of the above ground pool, the homeowner fills it at the beginning of the season and drains it again at the end of the swimming season. In-ground pools require extensive and on-going maintenance including cleaning, water quality maintenance and repairs of such things as the pumps and filters. For those who have a limited space in the backyard, an above ground pool is ideal because they are available in sizes to suit all space constraints.

Despite these significant advantages, there are also disadvantages. A prime disadvantage is the limited depth which makes it unsuitable for diving. The above ground pool is more adept at providing a venue for simply floating around and wading. If your objective is to swim laps, then an in-ground pool is a better choice as they are longer and deeper.

Filling an in-ground or above ground pool in Cape Coral, FL is a onetime deal and there is nothing one can do to offset the expense. Although the pool is above ground, many municipalities still demand that the pool be fenced, the same as if it was in-ground. It may also be necessary to fit the pool with covers and arm the gate with an alarm, these expectations are usually safety standards which are set by the municipality and may not apply to everyone. As there is always the possibility of accident, the wise homeowner will check with his insurance company to see if the cover needs to be increased or not, in many cases the homeowner will need to increase his or her liability cover.

In ground and above ground pool in Cape Coral, FL can be custom built and erected to suit your lifestyle.

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