The Advantage of Using Commercial Carpet Cleaning Saint Paul

Carpeting your business can be an expensive option. Quality carpet costs money, but this is really the only way to go since budget flooring is often prone to failure. Once you have made the decision to carpet your floors you want to protect that investment in every way possible. The best protection anyone can provide begins with a simple maintenance program. A significant portion of that program involves the cleaning of that carpet. Of course, this cleaning begins with simple vacuuming, but vacuuming alone won’t remove all the dirt and debris which can accumulate in the fibers. Here is why you need to contact commercial carpet cleaners for quality cleaning of your carpet.

Cleaning your carpets properly can be a tedious task. Vacuuming is simple, but shampooing the carpet is a problem for most people. For one thing, the job takes time. For another, the equipment required for the task is not common in most businesses. Of course, one can buy small hot water carpet shampooers and these work well for small stains and lightly used floors, but they never reach the quality of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Saint Paul. Likewise, you can easily rent a carpet cleaning system and get the top level stains out of the material, but most of these appliances don’t remove the deep set soils which get trampled into carpets on a daily basis.

Commercial carpet cleaning methods come in several varieties. The oldest and least effective method is shampooing. This type of cleaning uses specialized detergents which are applied to the fibers to knock the dirt loose. The soils and detergent are then vacuumed from the floor. The major problem with this method is much of the soil is left behind. This is very similar to the problem you will have with the machines you can buy and rent.

The most popular method chosen by EMD Cleaning Services for commercial carpet cleaning of carpet & floor is steam cleaning. This method of carpet cleaning provides a deeper clean with less chemicals which leaves the floor smelling natural and looking bright. In fact, steam cleaning is often the recommended cleaning method of many carpet manufacturers.

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