Terrazzo Cleaning and Care Tips

One of the biggest benefits of a terrazzo floor comes in the fact that it’s quite hard to damage. Since terrazzo is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and stress, you won’t see a lot of scuffing, scratching or damage to the flooring–if you see any at all. Cleaning and care for your terrazzo floor is simple; just some regular dusting and mopping should do the trick, in addition to an occasional vacuuming, buffing, and polishing.

This isn’t to say that caring for your floor doesn’t require effort, though. There is a bit of knowledge involved when it comes to making the right choices for terrazzo care. Read on for just a few.

Don’t Clean with Vinegar
You might think that because vinegar is a natural cleaning agent, that it’s a good choice for your terrazzo floor. Not so! The acidity of vinegar may prove to be too harsh for your terrazzo floor, thus causing abrasion or dulling the shine. Avoid using vinegar to clean your floor at all costs.

Keep it Simple to Avoid Scratches and Scuffs
If your floor does happen to suffer some small scratches and scuffs, you shouldn’t encounter too much of a problem with cleaning them up. Using a soft damp rag and warm soapy water should be enough to wash and buff them away. In the case of deeper scratches or other damages, though, you might need to get in touch with a professional like Trend Terrazzo and inquire about terrazzo floor repair. In some cases, you might need a deeper buffing and waxing of the floor in order to get rid of an unsightly scratch.

Keep Harsh Chemicals Away!
Don’t ever use harsh cleaners or chemicals on your floor! Not only is it harmful to the surface, it’s also entirely unnecessary. Terrazzo floors are non-porous, which means that they don’t absorb moisture or bacteria. Thus, they’re unlikely to be harboring any harmful growth, like mold, mildew, or dangerous microbes. Any dirt will be on the surface of your floor, and can easily be taken care of with soap and water, a soft cloth, or a mop.

Overall, caring for your terrazzo floor shouldn’t give you too much of a headache. And as if that weren’t enough of a benefit, you can also rest assured that terrazzo is environmentally friendly and sustainable. In fact, the lack of a need for harsh chemical cleaning even contributes to the air quality in your home. Take care of your terrazzo floor properly, and you might even say it’ll take care of you!

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