Tell-Tale Signs of Needed Plumbing Repair in San Francisco CA

by | Dec 14, 2023 | Plumbing Contractors

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Sometimes the repair of a dripping faucet or leaky pipe simply requires turning a screw or tightening a bolt. It can seem an awful lot of effort to call for plumbing repair when the task can be undertaken by any property owner with a toolbox. However, there are times when that simple annoyance or small aggravation is really the sign of a bigger problem. Particularly in the state of California, where water regulations are strict and drought is concerning, there are times when it is just best to call a professional plumber.

Water Stains and Leaks in the Home

Some of the biggest problems a homeowner can face is water leaking through the ceiling or standing water in the basement or bottom level of the house. The first instance is a true worry and definite sign of needing professional plumbing repair in San Francisco, CA because the source of the water is often unknown. While the average homeowner can guess the source and problem, there is little certainty.

Constant Water in the Basement

Finding water in the basement is concerning for the same reason. There are many places and sources that could cause this, and without the right plumbing repair, it is nearly impossible to know if you solved the real problem or only provided a temporary fix. Additionally, both of these issues can later lead to horrific damage to a house or commercial property. During an inspection, Advantage Plumbing SF in San Francisco, CA will check all potential sources of this water.

Issues with Water Flow

Homeowners often chalk up a slow-moving faucet or shower head to the type of fixture installed or the house having bad water pressure. Sometimes, it is an issue with that specific pipe, line, or fixture. However, in other instances a bigger problem is to blame. If multiple water sources in your home start to flow inconsistently or drop in pressure, a plumber should be called to identify the real problem.

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