Teeth Whitening Lubbock Providers Enhance Smiles Quickly and Effectively

Having teeth that are bright and sparkling can do wonders for anyone’s appearance and confidence level. Thus, it’s no wonder that having professional tooth whitening performed has become a leading dental cosmetic service. Teeth can be discolored due to surface stains that build up slowly. Coffee consumption over a consistent period of time can cause the discoloration of your pearly whites. As well, as people age, there is natural discoloration that tends to also occur.

Teeth Whitening Methods
A teeth whitening Lubbock clinic can give just about anyone the chance to enjoy a bright smile. They use a variety of techniques, and the one you choose depends on your level of shading and budget. Some treatments involve peroxide bleaching, others use laser technology. Not everyone has teeth suited for bleach use; make certain you consult with your dentist about the best option for you. Depending on the stains and condition of your teeth, several visits may be needed for best results.

Tooth Bleaching Technique
The majority of tooth bleach products contain peroxide. This substance is what bleaches tooth enamel and makes them appear whiter. The level of desired treatment is impacted by the strength of peroxide used. Peroxide percentage typically ranges from mild, around ten-percent, to full which is up to twenty-five percent. Teeth whitening service is suitable to those with healthy teeth and gums, and few fillings. Yellow stains generally respond best to the process.

Whitening Gels and Strips
You can purchase a range of whitener products from retailers. Some are carbide based, others use peroxide. Gels are clear and applied directly to the teeth with a brush or from a special mouth tray. Usually, gel must be applied several times each day over a two to three week period. Results vary, but often become noticeable within a week. Teeth strips are coated and also must be used several times daily to be effective. Store-bought whiteners are affordable but nowhere near as powerful as professional techniques through a teeth whitening Lubbock clinic.

Office Procedures
The fastest way to whiter teeth is in-office bleaching or laser whitening. Although a dentist-administered procedure is more expensive than home methods, they offer superior results. The bleaching solution is applied directly on the teeth and combined with a powerful light, heat, or laser. In fact, light-activated whitening can make teeth up to eight or more shades lighter. Dramatic results are often realized within an hour, making this approach a popular choice.

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