Technicians at a Collision Repair Center in New Jersey Repair Vehicles Struck by Lightning

Technicians at a Collision Repair Center in New Jersey may be important after somebody’s car or pickup truck has been struck by lightning. Lightning has a broad range of effects on vehicles. Sometimes it does not cause any damage, while other times it triggers a fire that completely destroys the vehicle. It is likely to harm the electrical wiring and related parts. Lightning may also cause some amount of repairable auto body damage. Much of this depends on where exactly the bolt hit, whether the car was traveling along the road or parked somewhere, and whether the vehicle was wet.

This part of New Jersey is vulnerable to deadly lightning strikes, and it has one of the highest percentages of days with lightning in the country. By state, Texas is second only to New Jersey for recorded lightning strikes per year. In a thunderstorm, there is nothing more dangerous to a human than lightning. Fortunately, being injured by lightning while driving or sitting in a vehicle is relatively rare, even if the car or truck actually is hit by this electrical force of nature.

Mechanics at a Collision Repair Center in New Jersey commonly have experience working on vehicles affected by this type of weather incident. The lightning may have caused burning and pitting in one particular spot, such as on the roof, hood or trunk. Mechanics at a facility such as Frank’s Auto Repair & Auto Body, Inc. can replace those parts if there was not an extensive fire. They may even be able to repair the existing components depending on the extent of the damage. Click here for more details on this garage.

If the owner did not see the lightning and was not in the vehicle when it was hit, it can be problematic to convince an automotive insurance company that weather was the cause of electrical problems. However, damage to the exterior of the vehicle usually has distinct characteristics that leave no doubt in the minds of auto body technicians as to what occurred. Consider that a lightning bolt is hotter than the surface of the sun. Collision repair technicians can verify that nothing else would have caused those particular issues.

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